Blizzard Viva 7.7 IQ (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $700.00
Year: 2014
Level: 3
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 103
Tip/Tail/Waist: 121-77-103
Lengths: 146, 153, 160, 167

The 7.7 IQ is a stripped-down, less-expensive version of the Viva 7.7 Ti. The shape is the same, but it comes with a simpler 10-DIN binding than the 7.7 Ti, which features an 11-DIN binding with Marker's shock-absorbing Suspension flex-management arms. There's no metal reinforcement, which makes it not only less expensive than the Ti but also lighter and livelier. The Viva series is the female counterpart of Blizzard's Magnum men's offering of frontside cruisers with moderate waist widths appropriate to everyday East and Midwest conditions. To suit women, the Vivas feature lighter, softer constructions, built for reassuring hard-snow performance, with in most cases grippy, solid vertical sidewalls. Blizzard gives all but one of these frontside cruisers a touch of rocker tip and tail - to ease transitions and absorb shocks - though it's almost imperceptible. Where the Magnum men's models feature full wood cores at the high end, Viva models feature lighter constructions with foam cores reinforced with wood stringers for durability and integrity. Most Viva models are sold as system packages with Marker bindings, with the exception of the flagship 8.0, which is sold flat. All Blizzard skis are built in the company's Mittersill, Austria, factory headquarters, near Kitzbuhel and the Kitzsteinhorn.