Bode's Bag

Bode's Bag 0903

When you're the top U.S. ski racer, you live out of your ski bag. SKI caught up with GS World Champion Bode Miller, 25, during one of his rare stops in Franconia, N.H., his hometown. We got an inside look at what he can't live—or ski—without while on the road.


Spyder Racing Shorts

"I don't like skiing in ski pants, so I always wear my GS suit with shorts and a hoodie."


Nordica Dobermann Ski Boots

"I wear a size 12 1/2 street shoe and a size 8 ski boot, so I need to punch them out a lot, and I modify them for performance issues."


Reusch Black Leather Race Mittens

"My right hand is numb from cutting it on a Sobe bottle in '99, so I always race in mymittens—except for downhill, where they don't allow 'em."


Sony Ericsson Phone (with camera, email and organizer)

"I'm pretty serious about my electronics. I bring my phone, laptop, MP3 player and iPOD in a backpack with all the chargers. It looks like a bag of wires."


Briko Forerunner Helmet

"Since I race four events,I need my helmet to be comfortable and safe. I've had some nasty crashes and nothing's happened to me with that helmet."


Bode's Library

"I go through books fast—anything from Tolstoy epics to fantasy novels."


Champs Athletic Socks

"I always carry fresh crew socks—one pair for every day. My mom gets bummed out, because I use them like they're disposable."