Boots Misaligned

Boots Misaligned

Many men are knock-kneed

or bowlegged. Most women exhibit what's called Q-angle in their upper legs. The tops of their femurs (thigh bones) are spaced widely at the hips and then angle closer together at the knees, the two bones forming a V. (Click on the "Undercanted" and "Overcanted" slideshows below to see examples of misalignment.) Boot cuffs can and should be adjusted to match a skier's legs to assist them in assuming a neutral (flat) stance. That's part of the fitting process, though it's often skipped. In severe cases of misalignment, small wedges (called cants) can be mounted under a skier's bindings. At the very least, every skier should have custom footbeds.



Anatomy of a Boot

How plastic, steel, rubber, and leather come together to connect skier to ski.