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Boots: Test Team

Sure you want to be a boot tester? It’s a special breed, because testing can be an uncomfortable ordeal. But our testers are happy martyrs, since good boots are the key to every skier’s success.
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› Carol Blackwell, 46, 125 pounds, instructor; former SKI Magazine Top 100 instructor

› Scott Blackwell, 53, 165 pounds, instructor, staff trainer, Mt. Bachelor, Ore.; bootfitter, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport › Nick Blaylock, 33, 180 pounds, founder, head bootfitter, Mount Snow (Vt.) Boot Works; instructor, Masterfit University

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› Charlie Bradley, 45, 170 pounds, instructor, Masterfit University; bootfitter, BootDoctors, Taos, N.M.

› Steve Cohen, 55, 215 pounds, CEO, Masterfit Enterprises; former SKI editor; boot-test founder

› Ross Duncan, 41, 160 pounds, guide, Cat Ski Mt. Bailey; former shop tech and salesperson

› Brian Elling, 39, 165 pounds, bootfitter, Gull Ski, Missoula, Mont.; former instructor

› Liz Elling, 42, 130 pounds, ski tester, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport; former PSIA instructor

› Mark Elling, 41, 170 pounds, test director; curriculum director, Masterfit University; bootfitter, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport; author; ski guide

› Billy Farwig, 53, 160 pounds, former coach, U.S. Ski Team; former Salomon World Cup service tech

› Kevin Gabriel, 37, 210 pounds, bootfitter, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport

› Bob Gleason, 60, 175 pounds, owner, BootDoctors, Telluride, Colo.; senior faculty, Masterfit University; former instructor and racer

› Brad Jacobson, 42, 165 pounds, ski instructor and race coach, Mt. Bachelor

› Megen Johnson, 33, 145 pounds, race coach, Mt. Bachelor

› Erik Korman, 45, 190 pounds, manager, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport; former race coach and manufacturer’s rep

› Kate Morrell, 38, 140 pounds, head race coach, Mt. Hood Meadows; winner, 2010 Arctic Man competition

› Linda Parazoo, 52, 135 pounds, instructor, coach, training director, Mount Ashland, Ore.

› Emily Poole, 27, 135 pounds, salesperson, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport; former instructor

› Kristina Revello, 30, 125 pounds, bootfitter, Start Haus, Truckee, Calif.; race coach; former Nor-Am racer

› Heather Risseeuw, 41, 135 pounds, Oregon state plow driver; former patroller, instructor and race coach, Mt. Bachelor

› Lee Ann Ross, 60, 160 pounds, instructor, Mt. Bachelor; 1973 NASTAR national champ

› Jim Schaffner, 53, 225 pounds, owner, Start Haus ski shop, Truckee, Calif.; instructor, Masterfit University

› Neal Scholey, 39, 185 pounds, veteran boot tester; powder-cat guide, Cat Ski Mt. Bailey

› Chris Smith, 45, 155 pounds, head freeride coach, Mt. Bachelor

› Larry Smith, 62, 170 pounds, instructor, race coach, Mt. Bachelor; former member, U.S. Cycling Team

› Emmy Spenlinhauer, 31, 135 pounds, race coach, Mt. Bachelor; former NCAA racer

› Pat Sullivan, 33, 185 pounds, owner, Alpine Pro Performance bootfitting in Idaho; instructor, Masterfit University

› Mike Wiksten, 41, 215 pounds, bootfitter, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport

› Kathleen Vandermoss, 40, 145 pounds, salesperson and demo tech, Mt. Bachelor Ski & Sport; former ski instructor

› CONTRIBUTORS Eliza Allen, Keri Coggin, Heather Korman, Bob Kuehn, Erika Litzer, John May, Megan McDonald, John Millslagle, Jana Rogers, Julie Sanderson, Chris Wilde


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