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Briko Goggles 2001-02

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Briko Icarus Goggles

Briko Goggles 2001-02


Briko adds two new technical features to its line this year, both of which are found on its new Icarus ($99) and Icarus Racing ($115) models. First is the Full Fit Extension System, which allows two positions for the goggle strap, so it can be adjusted for use with a helmet or hat. Also new are ventilated lenses, used on all models. The Icarus and Icarus Racing goggles come in six color combinations: Crystal Soft/Black, Black/Silver, Army Green/Black, Orange/ Anthracite, Pearl Blue/Pearl White, and Pearl Silver/Pearl Red. Briko continues to offer its Photo Chromatic lens, which adjusts light transmission and filtration levels as light conditions change.