Build Your Own

Can't find the perfect ski? Then it's time to go custom.

If none of the ski options in the 2020 SKI Magazine Gear Guide suit your fancy, custom skis might be the way to go. Brands like Wagner, ROMP, and Parlor are making better custom skis than ever before. 

Boston-based Parlor has grown to become the largest ski manufacturer in New England, thanks to both high-quality skis and a loyal fan base. Founded in 2013, Parlor’s custom process starts with an in-depth consultation directly with the brand’s founder, Mark Wallace, who goes over how to make a bespoke pair of skis. 

“By talking directly with the ski designer and builder you not only get a more connected buying experience, but every detail of that ski is made for you, from the flex to the graphic design,” says Wallace. 

Each ski might look and feel unique, but every pair is built to last with durable maple wood sidewalls and wood cores from an Amish mill in Pennsylvania. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure the client connection is as strong as the skis. 

“By talking to every client and building all of our skis in house, we ensure the fit and quality, and get to talk to passionate skiers every day.”

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