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Carrera Goggles 2001-02

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Chris Tatsuno

Carrera Goggles 2001-02


Carrera expands its line with five new designs ranging from $30 to $95. At the high end is the Karma ($95), with a feature that gently lets air into the goggle but redirects it away from the eyes. Kimerik ($90)¿named in memory of Erik Kihm, who designed Carrera goggles for 25 years before passing away two years ago¿has four adjustable vents, one in each corner of the frame. Raider ($50), Shakra ($35), and Runaway ($30) join Carrera's price-point collections, which are its best sellers. Shakra and Runaway are designed for smaller faces. Also new are three lenses. The Polar C is a scratch- and break-resistant, polarized lens with a red or yellow tint, used in the Karma and Kimerik models. The Raider uses Photo C, a red- or yellow-tinted lens that brightens or darkens according to the light conditions. The Shakra and Runaway come with Double Supergold or Hyper Red lenses, which offer UV protection and antifog coatings. Carrera is focusing on bright, transparent frame colors such as liquid yellow, electric blue, bronze and titanium chromes, silver, and transparent white.