Child's Play: Strictly Race


Stöckli Laser GS Jr.

$650. 103-64-88. 139-159 cm.

This full-blown GS race ski excited the more experienced racers. They found it exceptionally smooth and stable. On the feet of strong and technically advanced skiers, it plows through the crud, carves on the ice and is fast on the flats. “A lion chasing its prey.”

Head World Cup GS Team

$355. 98-63-84. 130-165 cm.

This strong, stable and very responsive ski gives confidence to its driver. Yes, it feels stiff, but if given the right input, this ski rides long smooth carves and holds a good line in the course. It gets especially high marks from the girls. “This ski kicks big GS turns.”

Elan RCG

$500. 102-63-89. 144-176 cm.

For stronger kids, this ski almost rides too easily. Its perfect weight and balance make it an excellent GS race ski, though it’s fun to freeski, too. Square sidewalls and laminate construction make it supple and damp, with plenty of edge-grip. “Stable, fun and fast!”

Völkl P60 GS Race Stock Jr.

$450. 104-64-91. 135-170 cm

The racy red P60 has a soft, light feel, which means quickness and maneuverability for younger racers. Don’t force it: Be patient, and let its deep sidecut and manageable flex do the work. Easy-to-control means easy-to-build-speed. “It can plain ski!”

K2 Mach SL Team$435. 100-64-90. 132-151 cm.
Testers were impressed with this metal-laminate ski’s control and forgiveness. It starts turns fluidly and is stable throughout the arc. Mistakes are never punished and, unlike the other race-only skis, it performs equally well in GS and slalom.”I totally trust it.”

Dynastar Team Course
$665*. 103-64-88. 138-172 cm.
This ski excels at ripping smooth GS arcs in all conditions. It feels strong and stable at speed and gives back what you put into it. If you want to cruise, it cruises. If you want to build speed, it responds readily. “My GS race ski pick.” * 138-cm length ($325) comes without plate.

Nordica Dobermann GSJ
$515. 101-63-82 (at 143 cm). 133-161 cm.
This one’s all about speed. With its race-ready, square-sidewall, laminate construction, the “Dobie” is aimed at older, stronger competitors in GS and the occasional super G. It’s fast, requires aggressive input and will overpower the meek.” Requires discipline and strength.”

Sept. 2004