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Choosing the Right Running Shoe (or not)

Lace up those new running shoes? A recent study says that barefoot running puts less stress on your joints.
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Wish we had read this before running the Bolder Boulder on Monday. Your running shoes—probably along with your skis—just might have too many miles on them—cutting down on their performance and foot protection. Your running shoes hit the wall after about 600 miles, which for fairly active runners can be six months or so. (Your skis, depending on your style of skiing, weight and the length of your ski day, can be kaput after a hard-driving season or two.) The Denver Post regularly runs a crackerjack Ask The Trainer column (it’s not surprising that Colorado routinely rates as one of the fittest states in the union). The most recent Denver Post Q&A walks you through selecting the right running shoes. And when you're pounding the miles this summer, try to figure out how many days you have on your boards. Might be time.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Lululemon Athletica