Comfort Cruising: Driving Gear 2003

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Using "smart" technology, the Serengeti Coupe ($130) adjusts to changing light conditions, cutting through midday glare and evening dusk with equal ease. And if you also happen to look like a movie star behind the wheel, so much the better.


Throw away your maps and daytimer. The Garmin iQue 3600 Palm PDA ($590) integrates your business organizer with a portable car-mount GPS unit. It employs voice and visual directions to guide you to your destination.


The only thing better than ditching your office for a road trip is gloating about ditching your office for a road trip while you're still on the road. Annoy your work buddies daily with the Nokia 3650 videophone ($400), which allows you to shoot, send and receive video clips.


When driving 16 hours on the hottest day in August, smart parents accept help from any direction. The Amazing Backseat book ($17), pocket Etch A Sketch ($17) and I Spy game ($11) could save your sanity.



The Coleman RoadTrip PowerChill Cooler ($50) deletes "we gotta stop for ice" from highway conversation. The electric cooler plugs into your cigarette lighter and chills your favorite beverage (or anything else) to 40 degrees below ambient temperature.


The Cole Haan Lombard driving shoe ($155) slips on comfortably-and then really gets to work. The moccasin construction and rubber-nub sole make your feet forget the 12-hour drive behind them and welcome the 12 hours ahead.