Confession: I Have a Buff, And I Like It

Second cousin to balaclavas and neck gaiters, the Buff has dork in its DNA.
Sweet Buff

Sold at most ski shops, the Buff is a colorful, seamless scrap of fabric that looks like a tube top for children. Second cousin to balaclavas and neck gaiters, it’s got dork in its DNA. You can wear it countless ways: scarf, face mask, skullcap, bonnet, headband, ’80s hair scrunchie, pirate cap. You can even make what looks like a chicken with it. But it’s practical too. Wipe snot from your nose or ice off your goggles and windshield. Wear it over your chin and cheeks to prevent wind- or sunburn. Wrap your goggles or sunglasses in it to avoid scratching lenses. Make a tourniquet. Use it as a hand towel at a hostel. Wrap leftover pizza in it and stash it in your pack. See? You want one now. [from $20;]


I am Austrian

I am Austrian

Most of Austria’s huge ski industry clings to its heritage—ski racing. But one small company is betting that’s all wrong. An American tries to get a job in the Kästle ski factory to find out what it takes to be Austrian.

Julia Mancuso

Vonn Crashes; Julia Cries in Women's GS

It was an unlucky day for America's two top female ski racers: Lindsey Vonn crashed into the fence during the GS race and obstructed the run of her teammate Julia Mancuso, who was granted a rerun but finished a disappointing 1.30 seconds behind the current leader. The second run of the race takes place Thursday.

Lindsey Vonn en route to victory.

An Interview With Lindsey Vonn

Ski racer Lindsey Vonn was just named Female Athlete of the Decade by NBC's Universal Sports. After months of waiting for an interview, we finally managed to get Vonn to answer some of our questions. But instead of asking her about the Vancouver Olympics coming up in February, we spoke to the two-time World Champion about what it's like being hounded by the press.

TGR Generations

TGR's Generations: An Environmental Ski Film

Known for their ski porns, Teton Gravity Research has released an award-winning new film about climate change's impact on skiing. We spoke to producer Steve Jones about the simple things you can do to cut your carbon emissions and what TGR is doing to offset all that heli time.