Cool New Helmets for 2013

Protect your noggin while still looking good.
2013 Helmets

This season's helmets do a lot more than safeguard your skull. Heating systems, built-in headphones and GoPro mounts turn these seatbelts of skiing into entertaining necessories. Below are five of our top picks for 2013.

BOLLE Synergy  Making its debut in the U.S.helmet market this year, Bollé jumps in with seven models. At the top of the line is the Synergy, which features the B-Hot adjustable electric heating system. The hybrid shell—injection-molded ABS on top and in-mold construction on the lower half—saves weight without sacrificing strength where it’s needed most.
$200 with heating system;

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POC Fornix  When you think of POC, think of aromatic polyamide, or Aramid. Bridges of the impenetrable Kevlar-like fiber are bonded to the helmet’s foam liner to reinforce the Fornix’s shell structure and help disperse impacts over the helmet’s entire surface.

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SCOTT Rove MIPS  The human head containsa small amount of fluid that, in the event of an oblique impact, prevents your soft brain tissue from slamming into or shearing against your rigid skull. The low-friction MIPS layer inside the Rove is built on the same concept.

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LAZER Dissent  Unlike dial-fit bands thatallow you to adjust only the circumference of a helmet, Lazer’s Rollsys system adjusts the entire interior of the shell. Two other unique features: a mounting slot for a Go-Pro camera and a magnetic chin-strap buckle.

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SMITH Varient  Twenty-two active andpassive vents make up the Variant’s climate-control system to let you keep the dangerous sweat-and-chill cycle at bay. Snap-in ear pads easily swap out for the optional Skullcandy audio system.
$180 (without audio);

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