Cool New Ski Helmets in 2013

Wear one or don't; it's a free country. Here are five we think are pretty sweet.
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In the past several years, helmet companies across the board have achieved their goal of making lids lighter, smaller, and stronger. This year, the focus has turned to improving fun and functionality with features like electric heat, POV-cam mounting points, and built-in audio systems.

Check out this video of TK explaining the technology used in the new POC Fornix helmet.


POC Skull Light WO

Five New Helmets

Protect your head; in some places it's the law. These five will keep you in compliance—and in style.

Gopro Helmet Hero Wide

ToolBox: Helmet Cams

Don’t miss this year’s best ski film, We picked five of the best hands-free cams that let you capture every hero moment—and some of the zero moments, too. By Marissa Hermanson

Cool Cats Thumbnail

Powder Day: Cool Cats

Oooo, you heli skiers are so hardcore. But for those of us who don’t wear short-sleeve baselayers so we can admire our own forearms, cat skiing suits just fine. I’ll still think about you, though...when you’re grounded—reading a bad mystery novel all day in a tiny, double-occupancy room next to some dude whose snoring makes the water ripple in your glass—because it’s, you know, snowing. And when our song comes up on my new BFF’s iPod as we churn back up the track for our 12th lap of steep, over-the-head blower. Oh yeah, after your four days of heli are over, two of which you actually flew on, can you pick me up at the airport? Because I can afford to ski here all week. If not, oh well. Our tail guide is suuuuuper cute.