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NWT3K delivers personal style at reasonable price.
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It’s 9:45am on a powder day. You miss first chair because you spent an extra hour checking your “steeze” in the mirror while playing with your brand new ultra-technical jacket. It took 45 minutes to figure out where all the pockets are, but other than that you’re stoked. Well, stoked until some powder-covered bro-brah slides up next to you in the same jacket—already on lap two. “Nice jacket dude,” he grins. You smile back, but underneath your mittens your fists clench. You didn’t even really want the stupid jacket in the first place.

It’s that exact predicament Nick Marvik was tired of, so he took matters into his own hands and started making custom jackets under the name Northwest Technical Outerwear or NWT3K. How custom? Pick the colors for everything from fabric to zippers and stitching for starters. Then pick from one of eleven different pocket/zipper combinations or design your own. Finally pick a length—just for you. Jackets don’t get more custom than that.

True to the name, the jackets are also designed to hold up to the Northwest’s wet weather. They feature 3-layer waterproof fabric, water-resistant zippers, heavy-duty stitching, and the option for taped seams. With a 180-day warranty and prices ranging from $250-$350, the two- to four-week wait will seem reasonable.

So if you’re looking for a solution to your own jacket woes next season NWT3K might be the answer. For more info go to


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