Dachstein Boots 1998


Dachstein’s Curver (Pro) line has two models with the company’s innovative Servo Curving System for optimal heel alignment. The DZR Race is an unheralded gold medal winner.

DZR $599/$679 w/ foam liner
The three-year-old DZR Race has a no-nonsense design with bulletproof features, best-suited for strong aggressive skiers. Said Evans, “It demands a firm hand, but the energy return from the ski is worth the effort.” Steinberg noted that the straight-up cuff geometry provided “quick on-off action.” Scholey thought the DZR had: “the guts of an F-18. It’s lightning quick into and out of every turn.”

Key Features Dual cuff cant, adjustable forward lean.
Thumbs Up At only $80 more, the custom foam version is a good buy.
Beware High-volume last is best for meaty feet.
Who They’re For Racer

Curver Series
Pro 4 $569/$689 w/ foam liner
Pro 3 $549/$629 w/ foam liner
The Pro 4 and the softer-flexing Pro 3 pushed their way to medals with bold innovation. Dachstein’s new Servo Curving System heel renders underbinding canting obsolete. By rotating the heel, the Servo creates a duckfoot or pigeontoe stance and efficiently mimics the effect of under-binding cants. It works. We had our master boot technicians set up testers both properly and improperly with the Servo System, and all the testers noted radical changes in their performance. Like most testers, Gleason preferred the softer-flexing 3 to the 4. “It’s a quick, sensitive power boot,” he said. “Its forte is short-radius, linked slalom turns.” Scholey said the Pro 3 “carves with a Lexus-like feel.” Thoren found it so comfortable she wore it to lunch.

Key Features Servo heel, walk mode (Pro 4 only), cuff cant, adjustable forward flex and lean.
Thumbs Up Servo heel rules.
Beware Even tough guys couldn’t adjust the flex or forward lean on the hill. Difficult to get in and out of.
Who They’re ForPro 4: All-Mountain Expert, Executive, Player Pro 3: Executive, Player, Aspiring Carver