Dalbello Boots 2001-02


Dalbello Boots 2001-02



Dalbello made waves last year with its Stance Geometry System (SGS), an innovative design that brought true canting adjustment down to an affordable level for the plateaued intermediate. Success was mixed, admits Dalbello's Clint Lyon: "In the shops that understand the importance of stance geometry and have a level of expertise where the guy on the floor can relay that information to the consumer, it's been quite a big success. In those shops that just want a guy to walk in, buy a pair of boots, say 'thanks' and walk out, we haven't had as much success. It seems to come down to the caliber of the help."

The SGS system makes canting as easy as it gets. SGS models feature an articulating sole on which the entire boot can be tilted inward or outward and locked. Dalbello provides an easy and quick protocol for assessing a customer's stance needs, and promises huge improvement for skiers who have never had access to expert canting help-or the money to afford it.

Meanwhile, the company promises to stay the course that has brought it to the No. 4 market share in the industry: specialty-shop-only distribution and limited marketing, with the savings passed on to dealers.

SGS Series
In addition to new buckles, this year's SGS models get Dalbello's new liner (used in about half the boots in the collection). The tongue has been reshaped to relieve instep pressure, and a Comfort Zone feature uses a spandex section of the liner on the lateral side to relieve pressure for customers with sixth-toe-area fit problems.
Modified: SGS Pro, SGS Vario.

Powerflex (PRX) Series
The PRX series gets two new models, the high-end PRX 10, and the low-end PRX 6. The Powerflexes are Dalbello's top-performing boots, with four-buckle overlap construction and a close-fitting, highly contoured shell design. All models feature the revamped Trufit innerboot.
New: PRX Comp, PRX 6.
Modified: PRX 10, PRX 8.

Carvex Series
Carvex is Dalbello's new-school group for improving and accomplished freeride skiers. All models feature a three-piece overlap design. Multi-function flex control and forward lean control mechanisms are featured on these new models. All models get Trufit heat-moldable custom liners featuring Comfort Zone stretch Lycra forefoot expansion panels; one model gets Zip Fit heat-moldable cork/silicone tongues.
New:CRX Diablo, CRX Impulse, CRX Cruiser.

Innovex Series
All models in the comfort/convenience-oriented Innovex recreational group are intended to provide casual intermediates with maximum comfort in an easy-to-handle all-mountain boot. Innerboots have been modified with Dalbello's Comfort Zone forefoot expansion panel (more room for problem sixth toes), and a No Load Tongue that minimizes instep pressure. The Comfort Entry System uses co-molding to enhance ease of entry/exit; The Advantage Profile gives intermediates an extra lift in the sole for power steering; X-Module Cuff Expansion makes it a good fit for all calfshapes.
New: NX 9.3 Custom/L.
Unchanged: NX 8.3 Custom, NX 7.3 Custom, NX 6.3.