Dalbello Boss (2016)

2016 Dalbello Boss

Rating: / 5
Price: $550.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Here's one of the testers' all-time favorite three-piece boots. Regardless of what shape of foot was stuffed inside it, it felt secure enough to get the job done everywhere on the hill, they said. A key to the broad fit spectrum is the slick Hi-Low Twinstep Closure buckle. You can adjust for higher or lower fit at the instep (the top of the foot) by simply selecting a different set of buckle teeth on the bottom buckle. Testers also liked the 45-degree Dynalink Rearfoot Retention middle buckle, which helps create just the right amount of closure through the throat of the boot for a variety of foot shapes. And on snow, the Boss takes charge every bit as well as boots that are $200 more expensive. Testers thought it was smooth, powerful, and agile enough to be a daily driver for all but the most aggressive of big guys.