Dalbello PANTERRA 120 (2014)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $650.00
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

One of few wide alpine boots to offer a hike mode. It fits tall and round across the top of the foot and into the instep, a bonus for big thick feet, testers said. It also brings rare big guy power to the table (and onto the edge) in three-piece cabrio construction. It’s solid, a man’s boot and a sweaty man at that-he might like to trek around a bit since the boot’s got a cuff release. We tested with both traditional Trufit and spiral wrap I.D. liners. The I.D. fits straight out of the box with a more open cuff fit than the stock Trufit liner. Dalbello’s new signature fit feature, VVF, or Variable Volume Fit, allows the front portion of the lower boot to close down to a more medium 100 mm fit tension by more tightly cranking the first buckle (the orange one at the toe).