Dean Cummings on "The Steep Life" and H20 Skis

Dean Cummings stopped by our office to talk about his new line of skis, his movie "The Steep Life: and how his heli-skiing terrain is now as big as Connecticut.
Cummings in the parking lot

Dean Cummings, heli-ski guide and big mountain pioneer, has a lot going on this winter. He just launched a line of skis, he's travelling the country promoting his movie, "The Steep Life,' and at some point he's going to make it back to the Chugach, where he owns and operates a heli-ski company with a domain the size of Connecticut.

Dean Cummings on The Steep Life and H2O Skis from Skiing Magazine on Vimeo.

Cummings said he designed the H2O Gear ATG ski line to "excel in big mountains and powder." They're all made in the U.S. and have full wood cores. "The Steep Life" looks at Cummings' first descents of two big Alaskan peaks, Meteorite and The Tusk, that he's had his eye on for 16 years.