Diversions: Sitting Pretty


A new cure for thigh burn? The lazy man's perfect ski day? Whatever you call it, the Sno-Limo will catch your attention if you see it on the mountain this season. Invented by Canada-based Sno-Limo Mountain Ecotouring, the Sno-Limo is a chair with skis attached to its base. The passenger sits in the chair to be ferried around the mountain by a "chauffeur wearing specially designed skis. It's intended for nonskiers who want to experience the sensation of sliding on snow without actually exerting any energy (i.e., grandparents who want to spend time with the brood on the mountain rather than sit in the base lodge). The chauffeur dictates the route, but any groomed intermediate trail with good conditions should be fair game. The Sno-Limo debuts this season at Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C.

Half-day tours run $200—$250. 866-218-9690; whistlerblackcomb.com