Don’t Sound Like a Gaper!

Mispronounce these 25 brands and you may as well have “gaper” stamped on your forehead.

Any gaper can look like he or she fits in using this checklist: make sure there’s no gap between your helmet and goggles, don’t wear jeans skiing unless you lost your luggage or you’re at a spring party, and don’t carry your skis tails forward over your shoulder—and don’t use the Texas Suitcase method.

Open your mouth, however, and your inner gaper can slip out and strike like an angry viper. The best way avoid being perceived as a gaper is to not be a gaper, but if that’s not possible, here are 25 brands that you’re probably mispronouncing. Think we’re wrong? Take your chances, gaper.



Not a medieval stone building, but a brand of skis that typically have white or black topsheets with a grapefruit-sized hole near the tip that’s covered with a colored translucent material.



A French outerwear brand. It’s not Mill-it.



Pronounced like the severe snowstorm, Blizzard is a brand of skis most recently known for its line of skis named after rodeo bulls. It’s not Bliz-ARRD.



Dynafit is an outdoor brand best known in the ski industry for lightweight gear and tech bindings used for ski touring (alpine touring, or AT). It’s not Dine-a-fit.



Thule is best known for its ski racks, cargo boxes, and other vehicle-related storage. It’s not Thool, tool.



Kjus is known for its high-end, detail-oriented outerwear. It’s not Kuh-juice or K-juice.



Owned by the Rossignol Group, Dynastar is a brand of skis. It’s not Dine-a-star.



A footwear brand best known for sandals. It’s not TEE-vuh.



Eider, owned by the same parent company as Millet, is an outerwear brand. It’s not Ee-der.



Arc’teryx is best known in the ski industry for its outerwear and ski packs. It’s not Arc-Tur-ix.



Deuter is best known for its backpacks. It’s not Doo-ter.



Bolle is known for its goggles and sunglasses. It’s not Bow-lee.



Stöckli is a brand of skis. It’s not Stock-lee.



Leki is best known for its gloves and ski poles. It’s not Leh-key.



Pieps is best known in the ski industry for its avalanche beacons. It’s not Pipes.



Uvex is best known in the ski industry for its helmets and goggles. It’s not Oou-vex.



Voormi is Colorado-based company that creates wool base-, mid-, and outer-layers. It’s not Vroom-ee.



Giro is a brand best known in the ski industry for helmets. It’s not Guy-ro or Gear-oh—and don’t even get us started on gyro.



A small Colorado company that makes outerwear. It’s not Strah-fey or Strah-f.



Kombi is a brand that makes gloves and mittens. It’s not Comb-bee or Com-bye.



Goode known for using carbon fiber in its alpine and water skis. It’s not Goodie.



Bogner, started by former alpine racer Willy Bogner, makes high-end outerwear. It’s not Bog-ner.



In the ski industry, Reusch is best known for its gloves and mitten. It’s not Rue-shh or Rau-shh.



Mammut is best known, in the ski industry, for packs and outerwear. It’s not Mam-it.



APO is a French ski brand that’s short for apocalypse. It’s not A-P-O, Ah-poe or Eh-poe.


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