Dropping into the Halfpipe

Turning Points

There is no reason why snowboarders should have all the fun when it comes to halfpipes. Nelson Carmichael shows how skiing in the pipe can be fun and improve your skiing at the same time. Start with the straight jump and then move on to the more advanced alley-oop.

The Straight Jump When skiing in a halfpipe, keep your skis shoulder-width apart. As you ride up the wall, direct your skis at a slight downhill angle to the lip of the pipe (not straight up the face). When the tips of your skis crest the lip, plant your downhill pole, bringing your uphill pole around and forward to maintain forward momentum.

Photo Essay: The Straight Jump, Part One
Photo Essay: The Straight Jump, Part Two

The Alley-Oop Once you've mastered the straight jump, try the alley-oop. After your ski tips crest the lip, plant your uphill pole and set your hips, shoulders and head into an uphill spin.

Photo Essay: Alley-Oop, Part One
Photo Essay: Alley-Oop, Part Two