Dynastar Intense 10 Xpress W 110 (2017)

Rating: / 5
Price: $700.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 73
Tip/Tail/Waist: 120-73-104
Lengths: 146, 153, 160, 167

The Intense 10 is virtually the same shape as the flagship model in the Intense series of groomed-snow carvers, but it’s a shade softer-flexing and more forgiving, with a lighter-weight binding, and its intermediate-to-advanced target skier is more comfortable at moderate speeds on less-steep pitches. It’s sold only as a system, with an 11-DIN Look Xpress W binding.
It’s part of Dynastar’s Women’s On-Trail series, called Intense-a collection of three slalom-sidecut groomed-snow carvers with narrow (72- to 74-mm) waists and tight sidecut radii (13- to 14-meter) for can’t-miss carving. The top two models (Intense 12 and Intense 10) are sandwich/laminate constructions built on lightweight cores. The value model (Intense 8) is a softer-flexing cap construction more suitable to novices and intermediates. All feature Dynastar’s Powerdrive sidewall construction, which is built to be both strong (it’s vertical from tip to tail and made of dense ABS plastic) and flexible (the outer ABS wall is backed by a layer of metal and a layer of rubber, allowing the ABS layer to shear up and down, independent of the core, when it encounters shocks on hard snow). The ride is smoother and more comfortable on very hard snow, thanks to the slight “give” in the edge. And in all models, a touch of tip rocker absorbs shocks and keep turn initiations from being abrupt or overly hooky.
Dynastar, along with sister brands Look, Lange, and Kerma (poles), is part of the privately owned Rossignol Group. It’s factory headquarters are in Sallanches, France, “in the shadow of Mont Blanc.” It was founded in 1963. -J.C.