Dynastar Slicer (2016)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2016
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 98
Tip/Tail/Waist: 132-98-120
Lengths: 161,169,175,181,187

The Slicer is Dynastar's widest park ski, with a 132 mm tip and 98 mm waist. This thing is designed to be more than just a park ski, though. These dimensions are built to allow it to rip all over the mountain, serving as a versatile ski for those who don't like to spend every waking second in the park. Its long, 23 meter radius (at 181 cm) is also designed to allow it to rip wide-open turns through any section of the mountain with ease. For something similar but a little skinnier and more park-focused, check out Dynastar's Distorter and Serial. This ski is part of Dynastar's TWIN series, which focuses on freestyle skis designed to charge through powder, groomers, and most of all, the park. Twin Rocker technology lifts the tips and tails up and off the ground, designed to get over rough stuff and power with ease while keeping the middle section locked down on the ground for optimal edge control when you need it. This middle section is also cambered, designed for race-style turns on groomers and harder snow. All skis in the series have sandwich laminate construction as well, featuring poplar wood cores with either metal or fiberglass laminates built to keep the ski super stable for harsh landings and big disasters while offering flexibility and playfulness. This playfulness is further promoted through spring blade technology, which utilizes thickened wood and fiberglass underfoot layers intended for extra pop and absorption. Lastly, torsion box technology uses mutiaxial fiber that holds together the internal elements of the ski, designed for durability and smooth energy transfer. For those who charge through the park but also like to venture elsewhere every once in a while, this is the best series Dynastar has to offer you. Dynastar, based in Chamonix, France, was founded in 1963. Its U.S. headquarters are in Park City, Utah.