East-West Grabs Bigger Ski Tour Role


Denver, CO, July 7–Going after a larger share of the ski-tour market, East-West Resorts-the lodging and property management company-announced this week it had purchased Go West Tours and Adventures on Skis, both of which will be operated by East West’s tour division, Lynx Vacations. Lynx, which was purchased by East West in 1998, will operate the new acquisitions as separate divisions.

Go West Tours, which was founded in 1993, accounted for delivering 4,000customers to more than 30 western U.S. and Canadian resorts last season. Incontrast, Adventures on Skis, which has been in existence for 22 years,serves dozens of resorts in Europe and South America.

The combination isexpected to give Lynx-and East West-a significant boost in the industry,landing them among the top five ski tour operators in the country.