Elan Amphibio 88 Xti (2016)


Rating: 2.74 / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2016
Level: 3
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 88
Tip/Tail/Waist: 135-88-116
Lengths: 170,176,184

Stability at speed: 2.32 / 5
Hard snow performance: 2.77 / 5
Crud performance: 2.25 / 5
Flotation: 2.53 / 5
Forgiveness: 2.72 / 5
Overall: 2.74 / 5

The Amphibio 88 XTi is the widest ski in the Amphibio series, with a 135 mm tip, 88 mm waist, and 116 mm tail. This is the most all mountain and powder-focused ski in the series due to these dimensions. On the technology side of things, Dual Shape XTi construction is made to be light to accommodate to the ski's wide dimensions, featuring a layer of titanium and strips of carbon fiber, collectively designed to give the ski stability and playfulness. One section of the titanium is intended for snapping quick turns with the front of the ski, while the other is designed for a smooth and less hooky exit out of the turn with the back of the ski. RST sidewall technology orients sidewalls vertically, designed to roll the ski on edge with ease. Response Frame Woodcore combines a soft inner woodcore with a hard outer woodcore, designed for a combination of stability and responsiveness. For something similar but skinnier, check out the Amphibio 84 XTi. Elan's signature Amphibio series focuses on all mountain carving skis with unique Amphibio technology. This technology optimizes skis to be right- and left-foot specific, designed so that they'll always be edgier on the outside/downhill ski, where power and solidity is most needed, looser and easier to feather on the inside ski, for easy line adjustment. The inside edge of each ski is fully cambered, for maximum effective edge length when it's the outside ski in a turn. The outside edge is tip-rockered, so it's more buoyant and easier to pivot, with a shorter effective edge, when it's the inside ski. If you like to ski a little bit of everything and carve the whole time, this is one of Elan's best series to offer you. Elan, based in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, was founded in 1945. Its U.S. headquarters are in West Lebanon, N.H.