Elan Delight Supreme (2017)


Rating: / 5
Price: $850.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 78
Tip/Tail/Waist: 125-78-107
Lengths: 152, 158, 164

The Delight Supreme is the flagship model in the Supreme trio of superlight women's skis. It's a wood-core construction featuring Elan's new Tubelight reinforcement: sections of foam with embedded hollow carbon tubes running tip to tail near each edge, delivering the strength and rebound energy of wood without the weight. Full-length, full-height sidewalls give the Delight edge power on hard snow. Its SlimShape Technology saves weight. (The topsheet is convex, or scooped-out: less material, lower weight.) The Delight comes with a 10-DIN binding, beefiest of all the Supremes. Elan's Supreme series includes three skis with waist widths of 76 to 78 mm, all built to be as light as possible without great sacrifice of performance. Constructions vary from model to model, but all have deep-dish sidecuts (roughly 10 to 14 meters, depending on size) that hook up readily into tight slalom-style arcs. All are sold only as systems, with bindings mounted on Elan's Shift System binding interface-a thin, free-flexing, lightweight plate-on-plate system dampened by rubber. Elan is based in Behunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, where it was founded during World War II to make skis for Yugoslav partisans. Partner brands include Alpina boots. Long state-run, it was privatized in 2015, when a Russian venture capital fund acquired a 95 percent stake. -J.C.