Elan Magfire 12 (2007)

Publish date:

Rating: / 5
Price: $1050.00
Year: 2007
Level: 3
Gender: Female
Waist Width:
Tip/Tail/Waist: 116-76-102

Stability at speed: 3.70 / 5
Hard snow performance: 2.91 / 5
Crud performance: 2.75 / 5
Forgiveness: 1.84 / 5

Pro The women also tested the Magfire 12—in a shorter length but with similar results. Compared to other skis in the category, they wished it were slightly more forgiving, and that may have been a consequence of its not being a female-specific design. And on the 168-cm length they tested, they had higher regard for the rebound characteristics of the Magfire than the men did. In general, though, they agreed that it’s one of the smoothest and least nervous rides in the group—a damp, stable, powerful ski that loves to be ridden hard and fast, with an integrated binding interface that yields instant energy transfer. "A little heavier than others in this category, but still nimble, balanced and flowing," said Howard. "And so stable: It pushed through crud fantastically." Con Not among the lightest or most forgiving in the category.