Elan Skis 2001-02

Two of the best runs on the front side are North American and Long Horn. Both offer choices of lines ranging from 35 degrees to 45 degrees and see minimal traffic as everyone heads for the Ridge and more obvious terrain off Lifts Two and Four. If it's windy, wait until later in the day; the wind blows straight up Lift One and stuffs both lines with powder.

Elan Skis 2001-02



At press time rumors were circulating of a possible merger or acquisition of Elan, but no official announcement was forthcoming.

In product news, Elan's focus has been to "improve on what we started last year," says the company's Bill Irwin. The key new collection is the Whistler Series, an all-mountain group designed to be skied about 10 cm shorter than traditional lengths. "The Whistler models use a stretched parabolic design, giving us versatility and stability in both short and long turns-in significantly shorter and more maneuverable lengths," says Irwin.

Overall, Elan will be telling a value story for its skis-higher performance, more features, more bells and whistles farther down the line. For example, the integrated plate that the company has been working on for two years is now found on virtually every ski in the line. It's new integrated damping system has improved vibration control in all the company's titanium skis. And the X-PRESS 3D-shape technology has helped Elan "significantly increase and enhance performance of all models," says Irwin. "By varying the thickness of the X-PRESS bars and changing the materials inside them, we can control the torsion of the skis without inhibiting flex."

Finally: "We're making the best race skis we've ever made. Our new technology has taken us giant steps forward in both color and cosmetic durability. And throughout the line, our skis still have authentic woodcores. We're not taking any shortcuts," says Irwin.

Race Series
Three out of four skis in the Race group are new. The GSX, SLX, and CRX all feature new integrated plates, the X-PRESS pressure bars system for improved edge grip, and Texalium reinforcement for light weight.
New: GSX (GS racing), SLX (slalom racing), CRX (club racing).
Modified: HCX (extreme carving).

Mid-Fat Series
This new group of all-mountain mid-fats (waist widths from 68 to 71 mm) is intended for the "young-minded, versatile skier" who likes to explore the whole mountain and experience a wide variety of snow conditions. The Whistler 7.0 S and Whistler 5.0 have the new X-PRESS power bar damping system, Texalium reinforcement, and integrated plate. (The flagship Whistler 7.0 S has full-length titanium.) The Whistler 3.0 uses Elan's classic Comprex wood-core construction. All three have a round, turned-up tail with shock-absorption insert.
New: Whistler 7.0 S, Whistler 5.0, Whistler 3.0.

The second part of the Mid-Fat Series includes the MX skis, which return with modifications. The MX Four Super and MX Four have the company's 3D monoblock shape and use the X-PRESS pressure-bars system for damping. The MX Four Super has full-length titanium and is the true "high-performance mid-fat" in the group. Modified: MX Four Super (for the "freeride specialist"), MX Four (for the "advanced off-slope skier"), MX Two (for the "recreational, versatile skier").

All Around Series
Elan's All Around group includes on-piste skis (65 mm waist widths) for the meat of the market. All skis in the group have the same geometry (with different construction) except for the 3.0. The top-of-the-line Integra 9.0T has all the bells and whistles-8-mm integrated plate, X-PRESS pressure-bars system, one-piece 3D integrated titanium Vibrastop damping. Other new models in the series include the Integra 7.0S (with full-length titanium), which Elan's Bill Irwin calls "the best value on the market," and Integra 3.0.
New: Integra 9.0T (for "high-performance all-terrain skiers"), Integra 7.0S (for the "performance-oriented versatile skier"), Integra 3.0 (for the "recreational skier who wants just one pair of skis").
Modified: Integra 5.0.

No Rules Tools Series
The NRT group includes skis for the young, or those with a youthful attitude, whose focus is on athletic creativity-big air, fast spins, landinng fakie, and quick feet through the moguls. New in this group is the Air Twist, which features the X-PRESS pressure-bars system, a 5- mm integrated plate, and a rounded, turned-up tail with shock-absorption insert. The Air Twist is wider than in the past with more sizes available. This group also includes skiboards and the NRT Plate, Elan's learn-to ski that comes in lengths from 113 to 143 cm (a new length this year).
New: Air Twist (for the pipe and park skier or bumper).
Modified: NRT Roller (93 cm skiboard-now wider).
Unchanged: Dualie Integra 99 (99 cm skiboard), NRT Plate.-B.G.