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 3.  POW Royal The cozy microfleece lining in these gloves makes you feel as if you’ve stuck your hand into a koala bear, er, into the fur of a koala bear. The inner cuff blocks snow and its Velcro closure somehow (magic?) doesn’t stick to jacket cuffs.  [$70;]  

Essentials: Gloves

The season's best mittens and gloves. From leather, Gore-Tex, and goatskin, this selection will leave you anything but hypothermic and soggy handed.

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Eight Great Goggles

Your eyeballs are, hopefully, important to you, and you goggles should be, too. Here are eight of our favorite pairs.

Scott USA teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey and Nelson, British Columbia-based artist Chelsey Freyta to produce two super-stylie versions of Scott’s Fix and Aura goggle lines each. Stilkey is known for his mixture of ink, colored pencil, paint and lacquer. His scenes are humanistic fairy tales with an air of mystery, wit, and contemplation. Freyta’s illustrations depict weird environments that are fantastical and slightly deranged. The goggles will be available for the 2010/2011 season. See the next four slides for a closer look at these artist’s creations. []

Scott USA Artist Series Goggles

Scott USA unveiled its new line of Artist Series goggles at the SnowSports Industries America show in Denver last month. We got a sneak peek.