Faction Prime 3.0 2018 Ski Review - Ski Mag

Faction Prime 3.0 (2018)

2018 Indie Ski


Tip / Waist / Tail (in Millimeters) 133/108/123
Lengths (in Centimeters) 170, 177, 182, 189
Radius (in Meters) 23


Waist Width (in Millimeters) 105-120

For aggressive skiers, the 3.0 provides power and stability in spades. With more rocker in the tail than the tip and camber underfoot, it was easy to scrub speed and release turns, though a smaller tester said that “they got twitchy at speed and had a fickle sweet spot.” Full sidewalls and Titanal reinforcement adds to the beef, which “requires an attentive driver.” One tester called them “forgiving enough to be fun as you charge anything.”

STRENGTHS: Flotation, Hard Snow, Stability at Speed