First Drop Outerwear

Stylish, comfortable, and affordable outerwear.
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First Drop Outerwear

David Lesh has been one of the most progressive park skiers for about 4 years now and as of last year he also is one of the most progressive business owners in the ski industry. Lesh owns First Drop, a company that focuses on making stylish and affordable jackets and pants.
Looking at the blue and yellow jacket and pant combo my first thought was it was bigger then normal, although the jacket and pants are big they do fit well, I thought the large could have been an extra large, but one of David’s goals was to make baggy outerwear available to larger people.
The jacket has a convenient pocket located on the back towards the bottom. It would be a great place to put things that you don’t want to get crushed, like goggles or a sandwich. Because the sleeves zip off, this jacket is also ideal for spring skiing. The pants were very baggy, but I liked the suspenders that remove the need for a belt, making them more comfortable. The bottoms of the pants are super wide, so they easily sit over a boot without any hassle. All in all, these are a great choice if you like baggy, comfortable outerwear that has a variety of colors to choose from. Lesh also said they are planning to release a woman’s line of outerwear in the near future.
If you are interested in purchasing First Drop, the jacket costs $275, the pants $195 or you can buy the whole suit together for $420. There are also tons of shirts, sweatshirts and other accessories for sale at their website.