Fischer RC4 Podium 130 - Ski Mag

Fischer RC4 Podium 130

2018 High Performance Boot
RC4 Podium 130
Price $999.00


Flex 130
Number of Buckles 4


Level Expert
Gender Male

Before you ski this boot, get your GS points down around 60, then have your personal team of technicians punch, grind, and sculpt its interior to an exact match of your foot. The Podium is a true race “plug,” so it’s never meant to be skied right out of the box. (Check out the Curv line for real-world fits.) But its thick-walled power is breathtaking, and well worth all the boot-fitting time. Testers raved. Moore: “Even in this group, it’s on a different level. Loved it. Found myself skiing like I never had before.”