Fischer Revolution Ice


1998 Player-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 170-190 cm
Price: $500
Details: Last year's story went something like this: Famous Austrian ski company gets giant slalom model caught in paper cutter. Resulting ski pleases nearly everybody and wins the Ski of the Year for 1997. Fortunately, Fischer didn't change its Revolution Ice, which has a big tail for carves and a light, easy laminate feel for short turns. "This ski still does it all," said Livran. "A light athlete would love it." McMenamy agreed that "although a big, strong guy would overpower the Revolution Ice, it really lets you carve all over the hill." Said McGrath: "A relaxed technique works best. Just tip the ski up high on its edge, and let it go to work."

Positives: High performance in a big, easy turner
Negatives: The whale tail can define turn shape