Fischer Soma Ranger 12 (2013)


Rating: / 5
Price: $795.00
Year: 2013
Level: 2
Gender: Male

Testers rarely mention Fischer's slightly abducted (duck-footed) Soma-Tec stance anymore, which suggests it's been refined to a point where it works for those who need it but doesn't bother those who don't. Stance geometry is certainly a source of the Ranger's slinky on-snow feel. Arcs flow like water down the mountain. A three-position touring mechanism allows skiers to lock the cuff for downhill skiing, free it for uphill penance, or split the difference for a longer-range flex. "Good snow sensitivity. Tours well for a sidecountry boot." Notes: The boot's feature-laden set up offers a Vibram sole set and mid-arch grip area, the on/off-piste adjustable rear spoiler (pull up for taller and more forward) and the three-way Hike-Ride-Lock mode cuff release for touring, skiing or longer flex range applications, and a lace-up HIPE (high insulation polyethylene) liner with pull loops at rear and tongue.