Fischer Soma-Tec Boots Give you Maximum Control with Minimum Effort

Soma-Tec boots put you in a natural stance, it's how we walk, how we run, and how we should be skiing.
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In their natural, relaxed position, your feet form a V shape. In this position the knees remain parallel when bent. Fischer took these anatomic facts into account during the development of the Soma-Tec ski boot and perfected the result.

Soma-Tec boots are different than conventional ski boots because of the unique way they position feet on the skis.

Fischer’s patented anatomical last puts feet into that V-position. As a result, knees and ankle joints are no longer twisted, even when the knees are bent.

This enables maximum control with minimum effort. Your body's center of gravity lies directly above the middle of the ski. This means you have perfect power transfer, optimum grip and absolute precision.

Fischer has the patent on the abduction from the balance point on the foot, which is the only spot to abduct from effectively to benefit more than 80% of humans. It's 7 degree total abduction, 3.5 from the toe, and 3.5 from the heel, which keeps you completely centered over the ski.

It's a natural stance, it's how we walk, how we run, and how we should be skiing.


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