Fischer Soma Vacuum 130 (2013)


Rating: / 5
Price: $850.00
Year: 2013
Level: 3
Gender: Male

Fischer's Vacu-Plast softens easily when heated, and its Vacuum process compresses shell and liner snugly around the foot, precisely customizing both the fit and the stance of the 130 and other Vacuum boots. The performance benefit was unmistakable. The 130 was light and responsive, shockingly quick and surprisingly strong on snow. And the process is repeatable: We cycled several testers through a single test model. "Vacuum does not suck! Change factor is impressive." Notes: In addition to Vacuum properties the boot's simple set-up offers "Racing Canting" upper cuff adjustment shims for a solid lateral connection between upper and lower, replaceable toe and heel plates, and the HIPE (high insulation polyethylene) liner with pull loops at rear and tongue.