Fischer Zephyr 11 Vacuum (2016)

2016 Fischer Zephyr 11 Vacuum Full Fit

Rating: / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

The Zephyr 11 impressed testers with its even, medium off-the-rack fit, feel and clean connection to the ski. Testers really got wound up after the Vacuum molding process. Fischer's medium width Vacuums have historically done well even without Vacuum molding. Their stance set up is neutral from the get-go and the fit works for many feet. So it was interesting to see what really changed to make it go from great to super-duper-great. One tester's form explained it well; her fit scores got more in-line, meaning that looser spots got snugger and tight scores mellowed. She noted that while the out-of-box skiing feel was really good, after molding she noticed a "flatter" feel underfoot and better translation of movement to the ski. Those comments are consistent with our Vacuum tests on other models, too. A couple of stock mode testers mentioned an upright stance. One liked it and one felt a touch back. Vacuum molding fixes that; stand where you want to ski and there it will be.