Four Pairs of Pants

We review pants from Patagonia, Scott, Westcomb, and Oakley.
Four Pairs of Pants

1. Patagonia Rubicon
The updated Rubicon has a relaxed fit, waterproof shell, and work-pant styling. A warm, wicking polyester mesh lines the heavy-duty nylon shell. plus: The super-durable fabric and Patagonia’s excellent warranty mean these pants will last a lifetime. minus: The quarter-length venting zips tend to flare out and give a Beyoncé-like hip effect. The fabric is too heavy for backcountry adventures. [$275;]

2. Scott UNLTD
With thin, lightweight synthetic insulation under Gore-Tex’s flagship Performance Shell outer fabric, these tough trousers will stand up to the most snot-freezing of days. plus: Eat up. Removable suspenders and about six inches of waist adjustment mean you can still wear these after the holidays. minus: Two short crotch zips are all you get for venting and leg access. [$300–$350;]

3. Westcomb Revenant Bib
While you heat up on the skin track, these highly breathable eVent waterproof shell pants quickly reduce your temp and moisture. Still too hot? Crack the full-length zips and remove the zip-out softshell bib underneath. plus: The bib’s pockets will carry even the widest skins. minus: The zip-in bib fits a tad loosely. [$449;]

4. Oakley Gretchen bleiler profile lite Pant
Nice design touches—like light insulation, inner-thigh vents, a sticky rubber waistband lining that kept our female testers’ shirts from riding up (much to our dismay), and three shin zippers (one for function, two for looks)—speak to pro snowboarder Bleiler’s input. plus: A matching jacket (not shown) snaps into the pants to create a one-piece. minus: The included belt is decorative rather than functional. [$200;]


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