When we bestow Skis Of The Year honors, we do so carefully, because perfection isn't easy to define. But it sure is easy to feel. In this year's test, there were four models that kept receiving the traditional SKI Test Team Steal Of Approval. Every year, testers vote with their larcenous hearts and pilfer extra runs on their favorite test skis. This year, the K2 Merlin VI, the Völkl Vertigo G30, the Rossignol Salto 10.2 and the Atomic Beta V 8.20 were consistently among the models most likely to be missing from the test corral. We proudly present the most versatile, upwardly mobile skis of the 1999-2000 season¿skis that will please you now and be there as you improve. But remember: Lock 'em up.

Check out the K2 Merlin VI
Check out the Völkl Vertigo G30
Check out the Rossignol Salto 10.2 Suspension
Check out the Atomic Beta V 8.20