From Sports Geek to Alpine Chic


T-ball, gymnastics, volleyball, tae kwon do, softball, and, yes, skiing.

Jonna Mendes

, 26, has been a serious athlete her entire life, but for the last 10 years she’s been bashing gates as a member of the U.S. Alpine Ski Team. A four-time U.S. champion, the South Lake Tahoe, California, native still finds time to cross-train. We caught up with her at the batting cages, where she was roping line drives.

BEFORE – Sports Geek
Steady gaze: Olympic athletes have serious focus.
Samurai-style ponytail: Keeps her hair out of her face when she’s swinging for the fence.
Lucky bat.
Shin guards: You wear ’em skiing, you wear ’em batting.
League-issue high-tops.

After: Alpine Chic

AFTER – Alpine Chic

Dakine Greta Hat, $20

Cloudveil Cord-O-Let Jacket, $130

Billabong Chelsea Jeans, $44

Asics Gantrai Shoes, $65