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From Trash to Treasure: Recycling Skis

Green Mountain Ski Furniture

We're betting that your treasured Nordicas from '92 are probably sitting in a dark, cobweb-laden corner of your garage or basement, maybe somewhere between the broken blender and that treadmill you swore you'd lose 20 pounds on. Whether you've upgraded your gear or you're taking a break from the slopes, it's hard to say goodbye to your old buddies – the ones who got you down the mountain while going dangerously fast, who you logged countless winters with, who stuck by you even when you were wearing that neon one-piece.

At some point, though, all good things must come to an end, right? You have two options. First, you can toss your skis out with the weekly trash (and lose your memories forever). Or you can memorialize them a little longer by reusing them. Here's our quick guide to creative solutions for recycling your second love.

Have a Seat
They might be decades old, but we understand if you can't possibly bear to part with your old skis. Consider turning them into outdoor furniture. Check out Green Mountain Ski Furniture, a small sustainable business in Vermont. You can custom-create your own chair, bench, or table out of your old skis by sending them in and working with Green Mountain to design it. Green Mountain Ski Furniture also offsets 100% of their energy usage through renewable resources, and will ship your furniture to you using recycled packaging.

Reeski will also turn your old sticks into ski art. This Aspen, CO-based company recycles about six tons of skis and boards annually from manufacturers and local ski shops. Their creations range from the practical (coat racks made from skis) to funky (snowboard toilet seat covers). Recycle your own skis with them and get a discount on your purchase.

Return to Earth
Find out where your local recycling center is located by visiting and take your skis there. If your center isn't capable of recycling skis, consider joining your local Freecycle community, where you can trade your trash for your neighbor's treasure.

DIY Projects
Make a weekend out of salvaging your old skis. Grab your toolbox and create a sled, a shot-ski, or a bike rack. Check out for more ideas.