Full Tilt Soul Sister (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $660.00
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Female

Testers discovered welcome new room in the toebox as a result of the Soul shell redesign. It opens up the shell's shape, mainly near the side of the big toe. Also integrated into the Sister's makeover are new grippy sole plates that provide a damper off-piste ride and more cushioned walking. Our testers liked how agile and able the boot paraded around the mountain. They said the snug fit elsewhere in the lower boot (ankle, instep) helps make accurate moves on skis. They also liked the full and cushioned feel of the Intuition spiral wrap liner as it maintained good contact all along the shin. Testers said the upper cuff of the Soul Sister is best suited for average to slender legs, and some of our well-muscled calf gals had a hard time finding enough cable and powerstrap to get locked in. They had better luck in the 102mm Mary Jane on that matter.