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Gear For The Air

We said that you can't get hurt in the air, but here is some gear that will help you stay injury free when you land.
Gear for the Air

Gear For The Air

POC Spine Vest Built with thick foam, this vest cushions the impact of rocks, trees, and other blunt objects. If you’re serious about skiing around exposure, you’re crazy not to have one. [$220;]

VHoldR Contour HD Camcorder This high-definition compact camera has a wide-angle lens and a one-button record feature. Plus it easily snaps onto goggles or helmets without cords or a battery pack.[$280;]

Ortovox Grizzly II Shovel With an oversize aluminum blade, the Grizzly II is ideal for building backcountry kickers. The collapsible design will leave plenty of room in your pack for that change of underwear. [$85;]

Asterisk Cell KneeProtection System Thanks to a natural free-motion hinge, a full-coverage knee cup, and a superior fastening design, the Cell helps reduce the risk of knee injuries, especially on bigger features.[$599;]


Gear For The trees

Gear For The Trees

This gear won't turn you into a nasty tree skier overnight. But it'll help.


Rent The Runway, For Ski Gear

For when you don’t want to haul or buy ski gear on your next trip.

Designed by some of the world’s foremost adventurers for dialed backcountry layering, the Microtherm’s 800-fill goose down makes this mid-layer nice and warm but allows it to pack down small and fit easily in your pack. It will repel some precipitation, which is ideal for skinning during light snow flurries, and the jacket’s athletic cut fits well under an outer shell.  [$169:]

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