Gear Guide 2018: Men's Hot Shots

Always cold? Banish the shivers in an insulated ski kit and stay out to play longer.
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These men's outerwear kits are designed for the skier who mostly rides lifts to get to the goods. A bit warmer than a shell, but most have proper ventilation for those sunny Spring days too.



Gear Guide 2018: Women's Insulated Outerwear

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Gear Guide 2018: Men's Shells

These non-insulated ski kits are made for active days in the elements.


Gear Guide 2018: Men's Midlayers

The perfect midlayer is the one that does exactly what you need it to do.

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Gear Guide 2018: Women's Shells

Lightweight and ready for action: Our preferred non-insulated kits for this ski season.

Tim Dyer and Alex Hunt at Loveland, Colo.

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Gear Guide 2020: Men's Ski Outerwear

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Gear Guide 2018: Men's Value Skis

Is there such a thing as inexpensive sticks that rip? Yes, and these six pairs fit the bill.