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Gear Guide 2018: Packs

Choose a gear hauler for your exact brand of adventure, from lifts to hut trips and beyond.



Gear Guide 2018: Men's Midlayers

The perfect midlayer is the one that does exactly what you need it to do.

women's midlayers gear guide 2018

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Midlayers

Sweater Weather? Start here to find the perfect extra layer for your outdoor endeavors.


Gear Guide 2018: Women's Insulated Outerwear

Don't get cold on the lift this season. Get a new outerwear kit instead.

indie ski test gear guide 2018 womens indie promo photo

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Indie Ski Reviews

These independent brands are small, nimble, and innovative - meaning you just might find something out of the ordinary.

gear guide 2018 indie ski test mens promo photo

Gear Guide 2018: Men's Indie Ski Reviews

Innovation, guts, and “cool factor” are what indie brands are all about. These skis also happen to perform at the top of their class.


The Gear Guide 2018: Full Scoresheet

A breakdown of all the scores from the 2018 Ski Test at Deer Valley Resort.


Gear Guide 2018: Ski Test Highlight Gallery

Our favorite images from our annual Ski Test in Deer Valley, Utah

gear guide 2018 womens shells

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Shells

Lightweight and ready for action: Our preferred non-insulated kits for this ski season.