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Gear Guide 2018: Women's Indie Skis

These brands are small, nimble, and innovative - meaning you just might find something out of the ordinary.
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Testing took place on the legendary steeps of Colorado’s Crested Butte Mountain Resort, where over three days, testers were treated to a full complement of conditions—from over-the-boot powder to late-day slush—and everything in between. These were the ladies' favorite skis for anything the mountain threw at them.


gear guide 2018 womens powder

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Powder Skis

The only thing better than skiing the deep stuff is slaying it on the proper skis. These fat-body boards happily embrace their girth. When the storm cycle hits, you’re good to go.

gear guide 2018 womens groomed

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Groomed/Hard Snow Skis

A quiver ski for slaying the groomed and hardpack or a reality check on the firm conditions that many skiers face most days on the slopes, these narrow-waisted beauties will let you get a grip, tip and rip.