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Jenny Wiegand at Loveland, Colo.

Gear Guide 2019: Women's Indie Skis

These are the skis of the future, and you don't have to be a cool kid to enjoy them.

gear guide 2018 indie ski test mens promo photo

Gear Guide 2018: Men's Indie Ski Reviews

Innovation, guts, and “cool factor” are what indie brands are all about. These skis also happen to perform at the top of their class.

indie ski test gear guide 2018 womens indie promo photo

Gear Guide 2018: Women's Indie Ski Reviews

These independent brands are small, nimble, and innovative - meaning you just might find something out of the ordinary.

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Gear Guide 2018: Indie Ski Test Highlight Gallery

Eleven brands, fifty-five models, a dozen dazzling testers, and lots and lots of big vert.

Mark Elling at Deer Valley

SKI Magazine's Best in Test Skis for 2019

Over 140 ski models were tested in four categories for each gender. These are the best of the best.

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Gear Guide 2019: Trends Report

Lighter, faster, more comfortable, and longer lasting. Across the board, ski technology has never been better, and it’s easier than ever to get a perfectly tailored set-up to suit your style.

gear guide 2018 mens all mountain narrow skis

Gear Guide 2018: Men's All-Mountain Narrow Skis

Just wide enough for soft-snow fun, still narrow enough to carve almost like a race ski. Bring it all on.

Luke Larsen Ski Test at Taos

The 8 Best Powder Skis for Men

Someday soon you'll click into a big pair of skis and stare down an untouched bowl of deep, creamy snow. These are the boards you can trust to get the job done.