Gear for the Gym

The gym is a bit of a necessary evil. As much as we hate dragging ourselves to spin class or the treadmill, a little legwork in the gym will help you prevent injury and perform better on the hill. Here's the gear that will help keep you healthy, strong, and motivated to finish that workout.
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Gear of the Week: K2 Rictor

Rocker technology has trickled down from the fattest powder skis, and will help you navigate everything from hard snow to choppy crud. Check out the K2 Rictor for a versatile ski with "speed terrain" rocker.

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Editor's Picks: Best Gear

As editors of a ski magazine, a lot of gear trickles through our office—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We do our best to filter it down for you, and we review that stuff in the magazine. But what about the gear that we each use? Here are our new favorites, or the tried-and-true things we can't live without.

Get In The Gym: Tout Image

Get in the Gym: Fitness for Skiers

We all get it—after a long day at the office, it's tough to find the motivation to work out. But, diligence always pays off. Here are the best tips and tricks to make the most out of your gym time, so that when winter rolls around, you'll be ready.

Valley Rock Gym—Warren, Vermont

Ski Town Climbing Gyms

This fall, trade in your hiking boots for climbing shoes and chalk for a day. Check out some of our favorite ski town climbing gyms for a day of rock crushing.

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2013 Gear Trends

What never changes: Every year, they try to make your gear look obsolete. Time to upgrade? Here are the highlights for 2013: You decide.