Gear of the Week: K2 Iron Maiden Revival

What goes together better than skiing and metal? According to K2, nothing.
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Iron Maiden Revival

Sounds like the product designers in the K2 factory have been blasting metal while they design skis. They’ve teamed up with Iron Maiden to put out a limited edition Iron Maiden Revival ski. K2 is calling them an all-mountain park ski and they have jib rocker, no camber underfoot with a rockered tip and tail. The graphics are inspired by the 1981 “Killers” album. This isn’t K2’s first foray into Maiden inspired skis. The culty 2005 Made’n AK was a slightly more big-mountain twin tip, with similar metal head graphics. They’re only producing a limited run of the Iron Maiden Revival, so if you need some Maiden in your quiver, run to the hills.


K2 Rictor Thumb

Gear of the Week: K2 Rictor

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CMH Heli-Skiing

Test Drive Next Year's K2 Skis...

...While heli-skiing in Canada. CMH and K2 partner up to offer two seven-day trips to be part of designing the next generation of K2 skis. Where do we sign up?